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Military Care Package Tips

Posted on 6th Feb 2013 @ 9:56 PM

patrioticgirlsm.jpgSending military care packages overseas to our friends and loved ones doesn't have to be difficult. Often, I'm asked for military care package ideas. So I thought that I'd put just a few of the very best tips together for sending support to our soldiers overseas.

First, remember to include a letter in the care package. It doesn't have to be long or say anything Earth-shattering - even just a note will do. While overseas, its nice to read about even the simple routines that our brave military men and women miss so much. If its difficult to write a letter all at once, try just keeping a notebook where you write a few lines a few times a day to your soldier. Date the pages and let your soldier read what your days are like and how you're doing. After a few days, you'll be surprised at the length of the letter and pleased that you've shown your friend or loved one how often throughout your days you've thought of him or her.

Second, filling a military care package doesn't have to be frustrating - looking for those perfect items. If you only intend to send one package throughout the deployment, yes, put a little more thought into it. But ask yourself, wouldn't it be as nice (if not nicer) to send simple, inexpensive things as often as you can. Filling that box will be alot easier if remind yourself that you'll send something else in another week or two. If your soldier loved twizzlers, send a bunch, and next week you'll think of something else. The military will keep our soldiers from starving, we're looking to show our support by sending extras. It doesn't have to be expensive or "the perfect gift." Anything at all lets our soldiers know that we're thinking of them and anything they don't like will easily be traded for something else or shared with others.

Don't send items that are standard issue. Items such as socks and underwear are issued. Uncle Sam, despite what you may have read, hasn't forsaken our men and women in the desert with no skivies. Ask your soldier, through email if possible, what's needed. Its very possible he's got enough sunscreen to bathe in, just ask. Also, ask what amenities he or she has access to. If your soldier is stationed on an FOB with a DVD player, think about sending some new release movies - remember, no "adult only stuff".

Lastly, if in your daily routine, you aren't able to make all the rounds necessary to send a military care package, try visiting sites like this one where you can select items and packages to create a custom military care package and have it sent directly overseas to your soldier. It takes minutes to order, packages are put together with care, and its a simple way to support our military overseas.

Needed Items

Don't forget things
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repellent, & pass time
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& hygiene.

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