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Military Care Packages - Things To Consider

Posted on 6th Feb 2013 @ 9:59 PM

Health & Energy Military Care PackageMany of us have friends and family members in the military currently stationed overseas. No matter what our personal political views, the nation’s support for these brave soldiers should be constant and unwavering. Sending personal emails, letters, cards, and military care packages are a few of the most common and effective ways for us to show our support from the home-front. Here are a couple things to consider before sending a military care package.

First, gather some information about where your soldier is stationed. Different items or types of items are harder to get in some locations. Some bases will have different levels of comfort than others. While microwaveable popcorn may be something anyone will enjoy, if there’s no microwave available for your soldier to use, popping it may be more frustrating than anything else. Some locations may have most common amenities while others are little more than what you might imagine as “camping out.” The easiest way to determine what to send is always going to be by simply asking. Email or write your soldier and ask what would be most valuable to him or her. Ready to eat food, snacks, and drink mixes are always a simple choice and will never go to waste.

Also, when trying to decide what to send, ask yourself “how much” to send as well. Some people prefer to send a few small items every few days. Others may choose to send a larger package once a month or on special occasions. All packages are welcome, its hard to imagine a soldier overseas not appreciating even the smallest item. Minimum shipping rates should be considered, if sending one item is going to be as much as a box full, send enough to make the shipping worth it. Each military care package, no matter how large or small reminds our soldiers that while life is continuing on the home-front, they are always on our minds and in our hearts.

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