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Military Care Packages - Hygiene Products

Posted on 7th Feb 2013 @ 2:57 AM

Hygiene Products for care packagesHygiene products are a wonderful addition to any soldier care pack. However, we discourage mixing food with certain perfumed or scented hygiene items. Scented soaps and deodorants specifically, should not be shipped in the same package as food items. The combination of extreme heat and being packed closely for weeks in the same box will very possibly create deodorant flavored Chips Ahoy and Zest flavored Slim Jims. Please keep that in mind when creating your custom care packages. Items such as tylenol and toothbrushes ofcourse don't have that type of problem, but for items such as soap and deodorant we do recommend sending a strictly hygiene care package and then following up by ordering a food and snack package seperately. For specific questions about packaging and recommendations for military care packages, please email us at  staff@troopcarepack.com. We are always happy to help fellow friends and family members of soldiers overseas.

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