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Soldiers Overseas

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TroopCarePack.com was founded in 2009 at a time when there were very few online services willing to ship to APO & FPO addresses. We are a family-owned and operated company with strong ties to and great support for the brave men and women of our United States Military. In the last few years, we've assisted with sending thousands of care packages - both from family members as well as donation packages for "Any Soldiers" who've registered on this site.

For friends and family of Military men and women, purchasing, packaging, and sending care packages can take considerable time. TroopCarePack.com is a simple, convenient way to ship care packages to our soldiers stationed overseas. A note from the sender is included with every package along with the products you've selected to create your own customized military care package.

Our goal is to make it easier for those of us here on the homefront to send care packages more often to our brave men and women overseas. Even if its only a few snacks, its a small taste of home and a show of our support.

donations.jpgWant to donate to the troops?

TroopCarePack.com accepts donation orders for custom care packages as well as online gift certificates for soldiers who have registered on our site.

Online Gift Certificate Donations

Gift certificate donation orders allow TroopCarePack.com to forward the email gift certificate to a soldier who has registered.  The soldier is then able to order any items they would like from our site using the balance of the gift certificate.  A very popular option.
Donate a Gift Certificate

Custom Care Packages

Customers who would like to order "donation packages" by choosing products for us to send to a soldier who has registered may do so.  During checkout, simply fill the Shipping - Soldier Details using "Any Soldier" as the receivers name.  Please simply duplicate the other fields with your billing information and our staff will process this order as a donation order.  Confirmation of this along with the email of the soldier who received the package will be sent to you via email.

Want to mail your own donations?

Many soldiers have registered with our site who are currently stationed overseas and willing to distribute packages. Please visit Soldier Address Request page to request an up to date donation address.

Needed Items

Don't forget things
like batteries, bug
repellent, & pass time
gear in our Gifts & Games.

Combo Care Packages

Start with one of our combo
and then customize it
with add-ins like drinks, snacks,
& hygiene.

We Need You

Support the Troops!
Send a small piece of
home to a soldier overseas
in a care package.